Earn $1 million writing Amazon product descriptions.

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9 years back, Levi Newman was keen on transforming his writing abilities into a business. He decided to take the leap of faith and signed up for Fiverr – an online freelance market. With his expertise in marketing and social media, he began creating enthralling descriptions that invigorated Amazon sellers’ products! His daring decision has undoubtedly been fruitful with exponential success every year since then; testament to never giving up on your dreams!

Newman’s success story is one for the books. It seems that he took full advantage of the ever-growing freelance and gig workforce, having written over 13,000 product descriptions and banked an impressive $1.2 million in earnings since 2022! No surprise then why Newman has been awarded Fiverr’s coveted “top-rated” title with a standing five star rating: He deserves it! And to top things off – four figure paycheques are his way of saying goodbye to each year; not too shabby at all if you ask us!

Looking to make your fortune in the freelance sphere? Look no further than Newman, who recently made a whopping $1 million from his endeavors. With 39% of Americans now taking on freelancing roles this year and searches for marketing, social media & consulting soaring on Fiverr – it’s never been easier to jump onto the bandwagon wagon! Find out how exactly he did it…

Outsource your logistics

When Newman joined Fiverr in 2014, it was just a small side hustle at the time. He worked diligently to hone his skills and shake off some of those ‘$5 job’ blues – slowly but surely turning this gig into an income-generating machine that rivals full-time paychecks! Now he’s living proof that with enough dedication you can truly take your passions full-time on Fiverr.

Collaborate with your clients

Globetrotting copywriter Newman has the recipe for success: conversations and collaboration to understand clients’ products, establishing deadlines early on, a sprinkle of SEO planning plus keyword usage. It’s no surprise that he can be found providing services through Fiverr — connecting with international customers from every time zone imaginable! His secret? Knowing how to navigate language barriers and other difficulties in order to craft unique concepts for each product across cultures.

Do your research

Newman dives deep into his clients’ requests, poring over market data, industry trends and customer demographics. In the end he proudly presents them with a final description of their product – but it’s not always perfect! Occasionally someone complains; that comes with the territory in any service-based business according to Newman. His expert knowledge allows him to explain why every word is chosen carefully and consider revising if necessary – up until four days after delivery just be sure nothing has been overlooked.

Drawing on his own experiences, Newman translates the complexities of business jargon into relatable terms so customers can engage with products in a meaningful way. He puts it himself: “It’s all about bringing companies and people together for good!”

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