Turn your job experience into $200,000 per year, according to this Web Designer.

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AJ Camara has leveraged a decade of experience to launch his own creative agency, Acquired Aesthetic. From magazine publications and t-shirt design to book writing and tech innovation, this background in the arts prepared him for success: Last year he raked in over $200K from clients around the world – numbers that are set to double by 2023! With an eye for branding services & web development solutions, AJ is proof that hard work pays off.

Camara is part of a booming population embracing the freelance lifestyle, and he’s living proof that it can lead to great success – some freelancers are even hitting multimillion-dollar earnings! Camara shared his top tips for transforming existing skills into something lucrative with an entrepreneurial spirit. “I focus on creating unique websites which capture onlookers’ attention,” said 34 year old Camara, “and my best advice would be to make sure your offering stands out from the crowd!” His own business model has certainly done just that: so far this year 60 million Americans have taken up freelancing (a 3% increase since 2021), as reported by Upwork.

Use your past to differentiate yourself

Camara knows how important it is to stand out when launching a business, and his own success demonstrates the importance of acquiring unique skills in order to achieve this. He advises entrepreneurs seeking an edge on their competition that they should leverage previous experiences – from employers or individual projects – as well as developing specific expertise like search optimization strategies for marketing purposes; Camara himself applied SEO techniques with great effect when he created his digital magazine platform. His ultimate message: use your know-how creatively to differentiate yourself in any market!

Educate yourself on your new craft, even before the transition

With an entrepreneurial spirit paired with nearly a decade of web development experience, Camara took the leap to continue his craft as a services provider. But before he could launch his agency and Fiverr account, there was but one more mission: mastering the skills necessary to be successful in this new chapter. And so it began – hours upon hours honing those abilities until confident enough that when customers turned for quality service each time would meet expectations without fail!

Build your presence on multiple platforms

Camara’s advice for freelancers? Build your business by combining a personal website and third-party platforms. Fiverr offers the perfect entry point to expand client outreach, while specialized marketplaces such as Fiverr Pro open up additional possibilities with high-quality leads. Taking advantage of these reputable outlets proved essential in Camara’s journey towards success – something that all aspiring creators should strive for!

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