How I Made $1.7 Million in Revenue on Fiverr in Under Two Years: Freelancing Success in a Dicey Economy

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Georgia Austin is a freelance copywriter on Fiverr and the founder and CEO of Wizeo.

When the COVID pandemic rocked the world, some people saw it as an opportunity to shine. That’s exactly what I did: quit my job and move to Brazil right before everything hit full-force! Through freelance content writing on Fiverr, I turned a laptop into two companies with over 100 expert writers – all in just 17 months of hustling. Now that’s something worth writing about!

In a tumultuous economy, freelancers don’t have to panic – they just need an elevated game plan. Narrowing your niche lets you hone in on what sets you apart from the competition and establish yourself as something special with potential clients. If opportunity knocks? Don’t be too shy; open that door! What worked for me is proof it’s possible – so go ahead, take a chance and make some magic happen!

Life in the gig economy just got a lot more crowded.

Sure, it’s an exciting time with plenty of opportunities to get paid for your talents and skills – but there are now so many other talented people out there vying for similar gigs! To really make sure you don’t miss that boat, try sampling from different jobs available until one grabs you then specialize within it. Virtual personal assistants., social media managers, mobile app developers? All good options if this is your jam… or perhaps copywriting or accountancy may tickle your fancy too! Armed with experience and background knowledge – off we go into 2021 confident our speciality will lift us above the rest as we journey through ‘Gigland’!!

From a standing start, I was able to propel myself far in the competitive freelancer market by honing my niche and pushing forward with confidence.

In little over two years of effort on Fiverr, my hard work paid off: not only did I join the top 1% earners there but also began drop-servicing offerings — talk about efficiency! No matter where you’re starting at today as an expert, never forget that success is truly achievable if you stay focused on your speciality and present yourself with assurance.

Step up your social media game and get ready to level-up your client list! Posting a few times per week is key, so pump out some industry knowledge with tips and opinions that’ll have potential clients itching for more — like my latest post about ChatGPT’s impact on copywriting. Never be afraid of offering an opinion: you can always follow it up with a friendly DM saying “Hi there!”, followed by the perfect pitch.

Having a handy network of clients is like having an ace up your sleeve.

But you don’t just stumble upon these connections; forming them takes time, energy and bold moves! Check out online platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to find gigs but also consider cold-calling – that involves introducing yourself directly to brands where you can offer specialized value. It’s important not only to make the connection, but maintain it too: reach out periodically with updates on what services you have available – this way they’ll keep coming back for more!

LinkedIn is the launchpad of my networking dreams! I blast out two to three posts a week on an array of content marketing and freelancing topics, so people know me in their feeds. It’s great for reuniting with past cohorts as well as tempting new industry leaders into collaboration – plus it gives me instant credibility boost – yay! But not all leads come from cyberspace; that’s why virtual & physical events like Fiverr community run ones are such invaluable resources – they teach you more than your laptop ever could about working those client-lead prospects.

Feeling like you’re in a freelancer’s limbo, stuck between lowballing and overpricing?

You may want to grab the calculator – inflation rates are making things more complicated! It can be tricky to negotiate your price right now. But don’t let it get too daunting; even experienced professionals have had to rethink their fee structure recently due to rising costs. Forget about what worked five years ago: times change, so maybe it’s time for an upgrade on that hourly rate of yours!

If you’re looking for work in a tough market, consider pivoting towards industries needing help. From healthcare to hospitality and everything else facing pandemic disruption – use your expertise as an edge to take on the opportunities!

ChatGPT and other generative AI are coming to the content writing space- an exciting change, not something to fear.

These increasingly sophisticated tools give writers a superhuman ability: they can speed up copy production without sacrificing quality! For junior writers it could open doors that lead them towards editing computer-generated work – while experienced senior freelancers might leverage their human touch into charging higher fees for high impact emotive pieces. What this means is 2021 isn’t all doom & gloom; there’s new opportunities in store too!

In the ever-shifting gig economy, staying agile and informed is a must. Google’s foggy decision on AI content will be key to its success or failure – but that hasn’t stopped freelancers from diving in! Despite some potential turbulence ahead, Fiverr & Co.’s prospects are looking sky-high for 2023: with more companies accepting freelance staff and workers seeking work/life balance…it looks like now could be an opportune moment to join this exciting wave of change.

With the job market in disarray, freelancing is a courageous route for those brave enough to take it. But staying ahead of the competition means being able to quickly adapt and pivot towards new industries during these difficult times. The key then? Embrace innovation – embrace tech!

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