Bridging Creativity & Productivity: Niimblr’s Founders Talk Workflow And Client Communication

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In a candid conversation, Axel sits down with Mads and Per, the duo behind Niimblr, to dive into the intricacies of their collaborative feedback platform.
Join this insightful interview as Mads and Per share their perspectives on Niimblr’s mission, to remove friction between creators and their clients as they struggle with Feedback and approvals. We will dive into Niimblrs impact on users through use cases, and discuss some of the unique features that sets it apart from other platforms used by freelancers worldwide

Axel: Mads, Per, let’s start at the beginning. What inspired the creation of Niimblr, and how did your backgrounds contribute to its inception?

Mads: Niimblr was born out of a shared frustration. We wanted to simplify the often chaotic feedback process in creative work.

Per: Absolutely. My experience as CTO in a product visualization company and Mads’ expertise in product innovation fueled our drive to create a tool that bridges the communication gap between creators and clients.

Client-Friendly Transparency 

Axel: Can you share a bit more about why you call yourselves “the client feedback platform” and how Niimblr impacts client relationships?

Mads: Absolutely. Our users have found that Niimblr strengthens client relations by providing an intuitive interface for clients to engage with. A lot of clients don’t want a new tech platform, but if you lower the barrier of entry, most are actually happy to provide their 2 cents. 

Axel: Transparency in the production process seems to be a key theme. How does Niimblr achieve this?

Per: Millions of creators of digital content lose time and clients because of unclear communication. Niimblr’s Kanban board is a game-changer. It visually represents production stages, ensuring everyone involved has a clear understanding of the project’s progress. It’s about transparency, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the creative journey.

Niimblr Platform Kanbanboard

Axel: So transparency and client-friendliness is king. Do you have a third key value you want to add?

Per: We are particularly proud of our 3D support, and we foresee that we will provide lots of more advanced features to support all-things 3D in the future, as we are firm believers that 3D is here to stay.

Axel: You already told me a bit about the platform, and you mentioned that users have praised Niimblr’s impact on feedback precision. How does the platform achieve this?
Per: Excellent question, Axel. Niimblr takes a user-friendly approach, allowing clients to provide feedback directly on creative assets. We’ve heard from our users that this simplicity minimizes confusion in feedback loops, replacing the traditional hassle of email chains.

Compatible With All Creative Formats

Axel: Users have also mentioned the versatility of Niimblr. How does it cater to diverse creative needs?

Mads: Our plans, from Starter to Enterprise, all support a wide array of file types, making Niimblr a universal tool for various creative endeavors. Whether it’s 3D production, architectural design, or crafting learning materials in a PDF, Niimblr seamlessly integrates into the creative toolbox.

Use Case: Streamlining 3D Architectural Visualization with Niimblr

Soren, a skilled 3D artist specializing in doing architectural renders with Blender, leverages Niimblr to enhance collaboration with clients. He effortlessly onboards clients, uploads 3D assets and images, and invites them to provide feedback directly on the renders.

With intuitive annotation features, clients provide precise feedback, eliminating the confusion often found in long email chains. 

Niimblr’s version history ensures a smooth iterative process. Soren and his clients seamlessly track changes, fostering transparency and alignment with changes requested. The Kanban board visually represents project stages, minimizing misunderstandings.

Real-time activity logs offer insights into client interactions, and automated reminders for feedback deadlines keep projects on schedule.

The outcome is a collaborative and efficient process. Clients actively participate, resulting in client-approved renders that meet creative objectives within deadlines. 

The Platform for Creative Communities

Axel: Building a community is essential. How has Niimblr grown its user base, and what’s the community like?

Mads: While we are a new platform, our focus is driven by the creative people of our world: graphic designers, artists, architects, and more. We are in the process of building a community that aims to add ongoing value, assisting them in managing the production of 3D assets, videos, images, audio, and beyond. Our user base is growing steadily, and we welcome all our “Niimbees” with open arms.

Axel: Niimbees? 

Per: Haha, yea, we chose to refer to our users as Niimbees with the reference to hardworking bees producing great stuff. It’s a small nod to creators everywhere acknowledging the hard work that is being done everyday.

Awesome tool for team and client collaboration

Niimblr streamlines our workflow and makes client collaboration a breeze. 
Its intuitive interface and version history keep everyone on the same page. 
It supports a wide range of formats, respecting our creative process and saving us time. 

If you want to minimize revisions and maximize creative efficiency, Niimblr is a great option!”

“Inmotion” on

Ethics, Industry Trends and Insights

Axel: Ethics is an increasingly important consideration. How does Niimblr approach ethical aspects, especially regarding data privacy and using AI?

Mads: Data privacy is non-negotiable. We’ve implemented robust measures to ensure our users’ data is secure. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. That being said, if users choose to share public links, they are free to do so.

Per: And regarding generative AI, we actually prefer not to take any sides on how content is created. The future is probably not going to be AI-less, and to be honest, we just want to help as many creators as possible deliver content faster. 

And as long as there is a human on the receiving end, you will need a tool like Niimblr to collaborate effectively, regardless of how the digital content was created.

Axel: Lastly, staying abreast of industry trends is vital. What insights can you share about Niimblr’s perspective on the evolving creative industry?

Per: The industry is dynamic. We keep a close eye on trends, ensuring Niimblr evolves in tandem with the changing needs of our users.

Startup Chronicles

Axel: Every journey has its challenges. Can you share some challenges Niimblr faced and how you addressed them?

Per: Oh there are so many… wait, are we talking as a startup-company or in creating the actual platform?

Axel: Let’s do both, but keep it short!

Per: Right, well one of the hardest things in starting out building a platform like Niimblr is actually getting it to a state, where the usability was good enough to “wow” the clients of the creators. Once it (Niimblr) became smooth and intuitive, all talks with users took on a whole new and positive direction.

Mads: And as a company, trying to build a startup in a tech-downturn was actually a bit of a bet. But we both felt the need for the platform was strong enough, and once we got started and got the first users aboard, we never looked back.

Axel: And what about competitors, surely you are not alone? 

Per: Yes, of course. Companies like have been building an audience for years. But we firmly believe that there is room for a simpler offer. Some of our recent user feedback, which made us particularly proud, is when users try Niimblr and go toe to toe with using an existing project, and end up choosing the simpler alternative, Niimblr.

3D and Future Innovations

Axel: Exciting things are often on the horizon. What can users expect in terms of future developments, besides the 3D improvements you already mentioned?

Per: We’re committed to enhancing Niimblr continuously. Expect new features and improvements that align with our users’ needs and industry trends. The more feedback we are getting, the better the platform becomes. And needless to say, we are big fans of feedback…

Wrapping Things Up

In this enlightening conversation, Mads and Per have shed light on the vision behind Niimblr, its impact on users, including freelancers, and the innovative features that make it an upcoming trailblazer in the world of collaborative platforms.

This interview was conducted by Axel, a tech enthusiast passionate about uncovering the stories behind innovative platforms like Niimblr.

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