When freelance work goes quiet.

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For freelancers, the start of this year may look a bit disconcerting – no work coming in and prices rising. It’s time to forget panicking; it won’t do any good! Let’s put ourselves back on track by getting creative instead: focus on those projects we have been putting off for months or try something new like web design skills that could help you make more money down the line. In either case, take advantage of these quieter periods to stay productive and positive about our future prospects!

Looking to make it through a business slowdown unscathed? Why not take advantage of the extra time on your hands and give yourself an opportunity to come out even better than before – mentally AND professionally! Put that idle energy into something constructive by flexing those problem-solving muscles. After all, there’s no quicker way back up than taking things into your own creative hands.

Start a conversation

Us freelancers may be the King of Social Distancing, but when times get tough and work is lacking, we need to make sure that isn’t an excuse to stay hidden away! Reach out – whether it’s your pals or professional contacts – as a little bit of chatter can go a long way in helping us tackle any winter blues.

With freelancing comes the responsibility of drumming up new business, but why not make it a social affair? Chatting with past clients and others in your network can be just as (if not more) valuable than panicking about finding that illusive next job. Not only does this widen our options for work opportunities, those conversations could provide great leads down the line – whether that’s from self-promotion or organic pick ups. Either way you win!

Get organised

Instead of looking at a day when you don’t make money as wasted, it can be an opportunity to become more organized. This streamlining can pay off big time in the long run because your productivity will increase and you’ll find yourself making even more money with less effort! So rather than panic that work has dried up altogether, start investing some time into preparing for future success by catching up on marketing activities.

Learn something new

Creatives need to keep growing and adapting like a living organism. Think of those slow work periods as fertile ground for learning new skills, trying something novel – why not give your website an overhaul with some fresh technology? Invest in yourself during this time so that you can move forward professionally when things pick up again!

Idle hands are the devil’s playground, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so strict with yourself. Find moments of respite by indulging in some mental exploration: dip into an array of sources like online articles, magazines or fiction – feed your brain and it will take care of output all on its own!

Start a new project!

It’s not always a given that we’ll be doing something which rouses strong passions – bills must still get paid, after all. So why wait for the perfect job to come along? Take this opportunity of relative calm in your work life and make it count by tackling an ambitious passion project on the side! That way you’re sure never to become irrelevant


When times are tough, freelancers need to double-up on effort – but don’t overdo it! It’s all about finding the sweet spot between enthusiasm and exhaustion. Be sensible in your approach, then power through and make those creative magic happen!

If there’s one thing the hustle culture won’t tell you – it’s that rest is just as important a part of success. So when life gets too busy, take some time to yourself and enjoy all those things that make your heart sing! Dust off that portfolio of yours, refresh your skills with classes and do something for both mind & body. Add new projects to show ’em who YOU are; read books and network like crazy- then get back at it feeling refreshed & ready!

Enjoy the peace

When it comes to work, too much of a good thing can be tiring. But having some downtime every now and then is actually beneficial! So why not take the opportunity to relax and recharge – you may just come back feeling even more productive than before.

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