Consider learning these 7 top-paying skills: with some commanding more than $125 an hour!

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It appears that tech companies are inundated with job-seekers, but unable to find skilled candidates. Despite the mass layoffs of recent months from Google, Microsoft and Amazon amongst others, data shows an ongoing need for talented individuals in this field. With experts identifying a clear ‘skills gap’ still persisting – employers continue facing difficulties when it comes to hiring employees who can meet their technical demands.

Tech freelancers with the right skillset are in high demand this year – Upwork has identified seven areas of expertise which employers are seeking out. From data science to copywriting, these roles provide opportunities for individuals to work on projects that meet their unique capabilities and interests while covering a wide range of remuneration scales. So if you’re looking for freelance tech solutions or want flexibly engage your own talent, consider what 2021 may have waiting!

Full stack development

With their niche expertise in building both the user interface and backend of a website, full stack developers possess skillsets across myriad coding languages like JavaScript and Python. Their services are invaluable for testing websitesand software functionality to ensure optimal performance with each use – something that doesn’t go unnoticed from those willing to spend top-dollar rates at up $135 per hour!

Mobile app development

Mobile app developers are highly sought-after experts, transforming ideas into interactive technological experiences. Their specialized knowledge of coding languages and working with other professionals to create apps for smartphones, tablets and computers is invaluable – something their clients recognize as they charge up to $155 per hour.

Web design

Web designers customize the look and feel of a website while applying the necessary programming languages like HTML or JavaScript, as well as powerful graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop. For those seeking professional assistance in this area, they should expect to pay top rates up to $250 an hour on Upwork for expert web designing services.

UX/UI design

UI/UX designers are dedicated to crafting a seamless user experience on websites and apps. Through strategizing, designing prototypes and catching any pesky bugs they strive to make it as user-friendly as possible–all for up to $120 per hour!

CMS development

CMS developers are essential in creating and managing content. As experienced professionals, they provide invaluable support to customers by constructing the front-end interface of a system while handling its back end operations with finesse – all for up to $105 an hour!

Manual testing

Professional manual testers provide a valuable service – they use their expertise to evaluate the performance of software and identify any issues. Their work is critical in ensuring that users have an optimal experience when using the product, making them worth every penny spent at $50 per hour on Upwork.

Script and automation  

Tapping into the power of automation can help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, but understanding how to do it requires high-level expertise. Skilled professionals with coding abilities in languages like Python or JavaScript develop custom scripts that automate repetitive tasks such as customer emailing. Their services come at a premium rate – up to $350/hr.

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