Wondering what other freelancers are charging? – Compare your freelance rate for free

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Determining what rate to charge clients for freelance work can be a tricky task – especially during these inflationary times. Luckily, Contract Rates FYI is here as an enthusiastic assistant! This great free resource allows freelancers the opportunity to compare and confidently set industry-based rates that’ll keep them afloat in any situation. So take your business from sinking ship to seaworthy vessel with this awesome tool – now you don’t have anything standing between you and successsailing off into the sunset not included.

Not only can you find out what a fair rate to charge for your skillset is, Contract Rates FYI goes one step further: the tool itself will always be free. No more worrying about data disappearing into thin air! To ensure transparency and accuracy of rates available on their website though, users are asked to input (and share) current market prices – so everyone profits from this win-win situation.

Contract Rates FYI gives you the knowledge necessary to stay informed and set a fair price. Enter your job title, location, experience level and more into this unique platform for an enlightening look at how other freelancers like yourself around the world are pricing their services. It’ll even give you global insights on hourly rates averages in your profession as well as estimates of yearly take-home pay if billed 35 hours per week! Unlock invaluable market intelligence with Contract Rates FYI today – because knowing is half the battle when it comes to setting your rate!

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