A freelancer is suing Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, claiming she was only paid $15,000 of a $110,000 fee for a photoshoot.

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While Kanye West has had some trouble splitting his check on the court of public opinion, it looks like Katelyn Mooney is having a worse time. The New York-based creative director claims that despite producing satisfactory work for Yeezy’s SHDZ sunglasses photoshoot on an “extremely tight schedule”, her $110,000 fee was only met halfway – literally! Leaving her with just enough money to barely make rent in the Big Apple at $15K. Looks like safety first still needs some improvements in Ye’ world…

Freelance worker and mother of three, Mooney took a stand against Yeezy’s exploitation on December 7th. After numerous invoices and requests for payment went unpaid, forcing her to take out loans just to make ends meet, she filed the complaint in New York with court documents citing their behavior as exactly why legislation like the Freelance Isn’t Free Act exists.

West’s Yeezy brand has been in a whirlwind of controversy over the past few months, resulting in Adidas recently waving goodbye to their partnership with the rapper. Since then, multiple employees have explained how they endured a dangerously hostile environment while working at Yeezy! On top of that dispute, California claims that Uncle Sam still hasn’t received his due – $600K worth since 2020… apparently the numbers didn’t add up for West this time around.

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