The “Bizarre” cover letter that landed this freelance writer a gig at the Motley fool

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After crunching numbers in the world of risk analysis, Tony Dong took a leap and decided to trade his calculator for a pen. With only rudimentary writing experience gained from reports at work and posts on Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets, he endeavored into freelance writing with hopes of boosting budget for globetrotting adventures. After all, as someone already interested in finance, why not explore that route? And so began an unexpected journey into the realm of wordsmiths!

He needed a way to stand out from the crowd.

But with no credentials he was at a loss. With nothing else left in his arsenal, he decided on shock value. I had to get creative”, as he explained how submitting an unusually witty cover letter managed to land him that first big freelance gig – The Motley Fool! Perhaps it’s true what they say: you’ve just got find your own unique edge and use it however you can.

Freelance writing is a great side hustle for anyone of any background

You don’t need expensive certifications, just the willingness to write about something that moves you! That’s certainly true in this 27-year-old freelancer’s case; his passion lies with ETFS and investing. Don’t think of it as work when researching these topics: after all, learning more can be quite enjoyable if it’s your hobby.

If you’re on the hunt for freelance opportunities, but coming up empty-handed when it comes to publications looking for writers. Dong recommends “testing your mettle” with self publishing platforms like Medium or Substack. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback – in fact, take pride in it! When applying to The Motley Fool recently (unsuccessfully) he noted their hilarious reply after sending a ‘creative’ cover letter. Check out his LinkedIn profile if you want a chuckle and some inspiration.

With a tongue-in-cheek, “qualifications in the realm of personal finance” that ranged from overspending and not having an emergency fund to buying risky investments (admittedly he doesn’t actually do these things!), Dong made it clear: He knows how to help your readers avoid money pitfalls – even if they don’t have their Canadian Securities Course yet! In all seriousness though, his experience is more than qualified for helping people grow wealth slowly and sustainably.

He had persuasive words for why he was the top choice

Boasting that bespoke eloquence and insight when it comes to investment decisions. His writing style provides clear-cut direction, ensuring readers make informed choices.

Read the full letter below.

“Fortune favors the bold, or so I’m told,”

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