Freelance writer uses ChatGPT to earn 6 figures.

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Twenty-seven year old Tony Dong never imagined that he could get some help from a bot while performing his freelance financial writing job. However, with the new OpenAI released ChatGPT tool, busy bees like him can now attain more efficient workdays as this AI makes life much easier in various areas such as giving out real estate advice or guiding salary negotiations!

Dong, a Vancouver-based writer, was blown away by ChatGPT’s virtual assistant capabilities! His creative efforts netted him the equivalent of roughly $115K USD in 2022 – not bad for working only 30 hours per week. While he acknowledges its useful features and functions, there are some things it still cannot do: matching his level of writing brilliance when given prompts to write articles based off already crafted outlines results in uselessly vague stuff with outdated references. In other words? Love ya ChatGPT… but you can’t beat real human creativity yet!

Dong doesn’t just see ChatGPT as a potentially greater writer than himself – he also understands its value for writers. He knows it’s about learning to work with the tool, not against it: “If you fear AI-assisted writing tools,” says Dong,”you’re never going to understand them.” And that understanding has enabled him discover three incredible ways of working more efficiently through ChatGPT!

ChatGPT can analyze data

By using natural language processing to identify unique patterns, extracting insights from complex datasets, and providing detailed visualizations of relevant information. It can also provide personalized recommendations for further analysis, assist with data preparation tasks, and generate reports.

ChatGPT can help you organize ideas into content outlines

By automatically extracting the key concepts from your text and presenting them in a structured format, allowing you to easily organize related concepts. It can also suggest related topics and content sources to help you generate more ideas, create simple diagrams to illustrate relationships between main points, and monitor sentiment throughout the outlining process.

ChatGPT can help you come up with compelling headlines

by automatically analyzing the data provided and suggesting headlines that appeal to the target audience, while also capturing the main point of your content. It can also suggest different variations of the same headline to provide more options, analyze the sentiment of each headline to ensure it resonates with your readers, and identify keywords to include in the title for better SEO.

Dong enlightened us on the art of conversing with ChatGPT: “It’s all about giving it quality material to work with. Don’t expect an masterpiece if you feed it scraps!”

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