New York lawmakers are reviving the dream of job security for freelancers with their proposed protections.

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New Yorkers are standing up for the rights of freelancers across the state. The bill, which was restarted after a veto last year, makes sure that freelance workers get paid within 30 days and also helps those who don’t receive their wages when due. According to State Sen. Andrew Gounardes,”It is our responsibility as legislators to recognize this often overlooked workforce and make these protections law.” It’s time they got what they deserve – fair pay!

New York lawmakers just upped the stakes in the fight against wage theft. With a new measure, they’re making sure that any freelancer raking in $250 or more over four months – OR an aggregate of at least 800 bucks total – must get paid on time and can’t be asked to accept less than what was agreed upon! Contracts are king when it comes to payment… no exceptions here.

Last year, Gov. Kathy Hochul vetoed a proposal that sought to protect independent contractors from wage theft – citing potential strain on the Dept of Labor’s staffing capacity as cause for concern. Assemblymember Harry Bronson acknowledged this age-old issue: “Independent contractors are often powerless against exploitation,” he stated, adding that “…freelance workers [are] an increasingly significant part of our economy who should be fairly compensated.” Our legislation would address economic injustice while also recognizing these individuals’ invaluable contribution(s) to society!

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