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Danny Matthews, the mastermind behind Danny & Co – a Cirencester-based branding and design studio for small businesses – is confident he can tell whether any website performs well or not in less than a second. His secret? It’s all about “the first line of text”; if it starts talking about how many years they have been around or why they’re best at what they do, chances are your brain will recognise that message isn’t tailored to you specifically and won’t be sticking around anytime soon. “It ain’t my opinion boss… it’s science! And every click of disregard comes with an expensive price tag.”

Matthews’ website is the perfect blend of simplicity and spunk. With an eye-catching ‘Start a Project’ call to action button, even potential clients know exactly what they can expect from landing there – that’s powerful stuff! Plus, with one simple click it takes you straight over to Calendly for booking your 30 minute meeting – no muss or fuss here. A snappy site was just what this doctor ordered!

Showcase your work: Make it easy to access your portfolio

Show ’em what you’ve got – that’s the best way to make a great impression! Highlight your portfolio and let potential clients get an exciting sneak peek at all of your hard work. Don’t forget to include images, logos with client permission, and awesome testimonials too. If you really want them hooked in no time flat? Provide handy links so they can dive right into each project on their own terms…seamless success guaranteed!

Keep it simple

Nick Jervis, an expert small business marketer from Bristol knows the importance of keeping it simple on a website. His advice? Let people know immediately what you do and how to contact you! And if your service requires some research before buying, make sure valuable items are downloadable – that’ll help turn visitors into customers in no time flat. Don’t let yourself get tripped up by those minor details or else potential clients may be left confused and won’t call after all…

Jervis highlights two major website no-no’s: failing to prove your expertise and forgetting the human factor. Showcase client reviews, case studies or even media coverage so visitors see you as qualified rather than a stranger. And be sure to add photos that show off who you are; after all, people want to buy from real (not robotic) personalities!

Being humble and approachable are the surest paths to success. After all, charm will get you far – arrogance won’t!

Ben Foster, CEO at The SEO Works knows that a little bit of personality can go a long way. His sage advice? Treat your corporate website like the star it is and invest in professional photography to help set you apart from the competition. After all, if images are one of your biggest assets online then why settle for generic or cliche representations when you could be giving customers an element they won’t soon forget – YOU!

Jessica Ross of content marketing agency Smashtag Social has a hard-lined opinion when it comes to self-proclamation. “After all”, she says, “bragging about awards in your homepage isn’t just an embarrassing lack of modesty – it’s practically closure for the deal.”

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