Breaking Into Freelancing: How to Secure Virtual Assistant Jobs Without Experience

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This blog post provides valuable insights on how to find virtual assistant jobs even without any prior experience. It outlines six tips on how to research the role, network with potential employers, and market yourself to stand out from the competition.


Breaking into the freelancing world can be a daunting task, especially when you’re just starting and don’t have any experience. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you navigate this path. In this blog post, I’ll share six actionable tips to help you find virtual assistant jobs without any prior experience.

Understanding the Role

The first step is to understand what a virtual assistant does. A virtual assistant is a remote worker who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to businesses. The tasks may vary greatly depending on the client’s needs. Some typical tasks may include scheduling appointments, managing emails, updating websites, and managing social media accounts.


Networking is a powerful tool when it comes to finding jobs, and it’s no different in the virtual assistant world. Join communities and forums where virtual assistants and potential employers hang out. This could be Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or other online communities. Networking can help you learn from others, find job opportunities, and make valuable connections in the industry.

Marketing Yourself

When you’re just starting, you need to market yourself effectively to stand out from the competition. Create a compelling resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and why you’d make a great virtual assistant. Don’t forget to mention any relevant experience, even if it’s not directly related to the role. For example, if you’ve managed your own blog or organized events, these are transferable skills that employers value.

Using Job Sites

There are several job sites that you can use to find virtual assistant jobs. Some popular ones are SolidGigs and Upwork. These sites have lots of job postings and can be a great place to start your search.

Building Your Portfolio

Another way to stand out is to build a portfolio showcasing your skills. This could be samples of your work, testimonials from past clients, or a detailed case study of a project you’ve worked on. Even if you don’t have experience as a virtual assistant, you can still create a portfolio using relevant work from other areas.

Joining Our Facebook Group

Last but not least, join our free Facebook group of over 10,000 people. This is a supportive community where you can learn from others, ask questions, and even find job opportunities. It’s a great place to gain the experience necessary to find virtual assistant jobs.


Becoming a virtual assistant without experience may seem challenging, but it’s definitely possible with the right approach. By understanding the role, networking, marketing yourself effectively, using job sites, building a portfolio, and joining communities like our Facebook group, you can find virtual assistant jobs and start your freelancing journey.

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