10 Simple Ways To Land Freelance Clients

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Looking for clients as a freelancer can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from success! We’ve got the insider tips on how to attract new customers and grow your business. No matter if you’re just starting out or an experienced pro – get ready to make some waves in the freelance world.

1. Get out there and network!

As a freelancer, networking is your doorway to success. Get out there and mingle – attend industry events, join professional organizations, or even just hop on social media! That’s where you’ll be able to connect with potential clients who could open the doors of opportunity for you. Plus, stay in-the-know by learning about trends that can help take your profession up a notch – all thanks to networking connections made. So what are ya waitin’ for? Start shaking hands and making friends…you never know where it may lead!

2. Build your online brand and presence.

For freelancers, building an online presence is a must-have! Make sure your website and social media profiles reflect the amazing work you have to offer. Showcase past successes along with customer reviews for potential clients to check out – it’s like having a virtual portfolio at their fingertips. Also consider creating a professional LinkedIn profile so other professionals can get familiarized with what you do best; from there, the possibilities are endless!

3. Be responsive

As a freelancer, you can’t afford to play the waiting game with potential clients. Time is money after all! Keeping in step with their inquiries and emails will show them that your services are worth investing their time into. Don’t forget: if they don’t hear back from you fast enough, someone else might be getting paid instead of you!

4. Niche down

Be the star of your niche. With a special focus on one area, you could become an industry leader and truly stand out from other freelancers: no more competing for gigs with everyone else! Nominated as the go-to person in that field? Check. The chance to bring top dollar for those specialist skills? Got it covered.

5. Showcase your skills

Showcase your skills, experience and best work with a strong portfolio. Don’t be afraid to dazzle potential clients – include impressive images that show off what you can do plus details about the projects you’ve completed! This will make sure those who hire freelancers know exactly why they should pick YOU over the rest.

6. Prioritise word of mouth

When it comes to freelancing, creating a network of happy customers is like having your own personal marketing team. When you go the extra mile and wow them with quality service, they just might bring their friends along for the ride! Take advantage by politely requesting referrals from satisfied clients and asking that they pass on positive word-of-mouth recommendations about your business – this simple gesture could be key in acquiring new customers!

7. Use marketplaces to sell your services

Looking for freelance gigs? Check out Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr – they’re the perfect way to expand your career horizons. Not only will you find one-off assignments or short term projects, but also valuable opportunities to hone skills & get feedback while growing a professional portfolio! Just remember: don’t forget those pesky fees when pricing services – that’s how platforms make their money after all.

8. Offer and upsell other services

Expand your client base and earning potential by offering services beyond the norm. If you’re a graphic designer, try branching out into branding or website design; if you’re a writer, add in editing services to skyrocket that revenue. One service can turn into multiple streams of income – so why not give it a go?

9. Showcase yourself on social media

Freelancers, take note – it’s time to start flaunting your skills on social media! Showcase yourself with an online portfolio and generate buzz by imparting knowledge gems from the industry. Get creative on Instagram stories or tweet about what you do best- this could be exactly what gets potential clients hooked onto hiring you for their next project! Dip a toe into LinkedIn networking but make sure not skip out Twitter too. Here’s where all your hard work pays off – let those leads come rolling in like never before.

10. Offer a free introductory call

Looking for new clients? A free consultation is an easy way to make a good impression and build trust. You can get to know the potential client while they learn more about your services – that’s win-win! And don’t forget, follow up afterwards so you both have time to consider if it makes sense to work together. Of course, be sure not give away too much during that initial consult or else no one will ever pay full price again!


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