The future of Upwork looks brighter than ever – they’re shaking up the landscape to empower full-time hires.

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Upwork is shaking up the job market! They’re stepping in to revolutionize how companies hire their staff and connecting them with full-time potential employees. So, no more worrying about short contract hours or freelancing for a little while – time for permanent posts that’ll stick around!

Hayden Brown is thrilled to announce the grand debut of a revolutionary service that will bolster workplace relationships and provide greater clarity around transitioning from contract work to full-time employment. “It’s an expected commitment,” says Mr. Brown, “so let’s all experiment with each other before taking the plunge – it’ll be fun!”

With Upwork’s modernized model, you can now explore workers from around the globe! Small and mid-size businesses no longer have to worry about payroll paperwork – Upwork has got it covered. And for those looking for more than just a one night stand (with an employment contract that is), there’s also the option of trial dating with their handy “contract-to-hire” system before deciding if they’re ready to commit full time.

With the red tape of bureaucracy, limited talent pools and tumultuous international employment laws out there, it’s no wonder that full-time hiring is an expensive venture for employers. It takes time to find reliable employees in a world where the law changes like fashion trends – making longterm commitments quite the gamble!

Upwork is hoping to catch a second wind with the launch of their new full-time hiring feature. The company has experienced sharp declines since its October 2018 public debut, but in spite of this they have managed an impressive 16% growth YTD as of Friday’s market close! According to Brown, these efforts are “another tool in our [their] toolkit” when it comes to customer retention and life value. And judging by the rising number (over 40 thousand!) contract-to-hire jobs that been added on the platform alone since January–it looks like those tools may well be working quite nicely indeed!

Upwork is refreshing its service to help you assemble the perfect team for your next project in 2022 – just in time to weather any macroeconomic downturns. Dave Bottoms, general manager of the Marketplace gurus at UpWork, says that finding top talent doesn’t have to be a risky gamble: “you can ‘try before you buy’ with our flexible work solutions”. If you’ve been one of those affected by headcount cuts recently, don’t worry – upWork makes it easy to try both freelance and full-time projects until you find something more permanent!

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