Want $100,000 per year? here are five freelance jobs worth considering!

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Got your sights set on that six-figure salary? Look no further; thanks to our research, you can now break into the lucrative world of high paying freelance gigs! Whether it’s software engineering or graphic design – we have the inside scoop on how YOU can rake in $100,000 each year. Start counting those Benjamins today…one click away!

Tasker for Taskrabbit

William Young, a savvy New York City Tasker on TaskRabbit’s platform is living proof that you can make some serious scratch. With an income of roughly $200,000 over the last two years from completing tasks like mounting and furniture work through the app — That’s one way to hit 6 figures! It turns out William isn’t alone either; he suggests it as great for anyone looking to launch into freelance work in handy/moving space or even taking up organizing full time. Talk about taskr-abulous success!

Grant Writing

For freelance writers looking to make big bucks, grant writing can be a lucrative option – with some even earning six figures or more! Enter Learn Grant Writing (SenecaWorks LLC), the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Meredith Noble. They’ve taken it upon themselves to help those new to business and/or grants land their first $15K in freelancing income before proceeding onward towards financial milestones like: hit the $50K mark? Check. Ready for something bigger – how about an impressive annual salary of up to quarter million dollars?!

But if you’re thinking quitting your day job just yet hold on tight – not without at least hearing out these helpful tips from Ms.Noble herself beforehand!

The best way to get into the game of grant writing is by grabbing yourself a coach – someone who can help you set your rates and give advice about professional fees. It’s important to stay patient; it may take four-to-six months before experiencing any tangible financial rewards, but if you remain consistent then everything will pay off in time! Make sure the clients you choose pass the five year test too – that’ll save lost energy (and money!) down the road.

M&A Freelancing

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is quickly becoming the perfect career path for six-figure freelancing. The co-founder of Fintalent.io, Tobias Liebsch has witnessed first hand how remote work opportunities have created a renaissance in M&A jobs – allowing talented tenured professionals to thrive as freelance consultants without having to fork out cash on building teams or managing relationships with clients. It’s exciting times ahead!

Instructional Designer

Are you looking to break into a career with some serious potential? Look no further than instructional design! These super-smart specialists create eLearning materials for all kinds of companies and organizations. Starting out as part-time freelancer, Devlin Peck has grown his business—DevlinPeck.com—into a six figure empire in just two years! With the growth of online learning tools, now is definitely the time to get involved if your heart’s set on becoming an Instructional Designer. Get upskilled and join this dynamic industry today – it’s time to make yourself invaluable!

Virtual Nurse or Therapist

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexpected boon to the telehealth and healthcare industry, with virtual nurses and therapists increasingly sought after. According to Debbie Winkelbauer of Surf Search – a recruiting firm in the healthcare field – those specializing in workplace health have never had it so good; easily pocketing six figures through multiple contracts. Talk about occupational bliss!

If you want to work in healthcare but don’t feel like enduring the stress of being a full-time medical care provider, becoming a virtual nurse or therapist might be for you! You’ll still get all the perks that come with working as part of an amazing industry – plus enjoy some extra freedom and flexibility when it comes to how often (and from where!) you’re available.

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