Top Podcasts Every Freelancer Should Listen To

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This blog post provides a comprehensive list of podcasts that are beneficial for freelancers. From keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, to enhancing your skills and dealing with the challenges of a freelancing lifestyle, these podcasts have something for everyone.


As a freelancer, I know how crucial it is to keep learning and growing. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts to help you stay informed, upgrade your skills, and navigate the freelancing world.

Being Freelance

Being Freelance is a podcast that offers real-life experiences and invaluable advice from successful freelancers. It’s a great resource for tips on balancing work and interests, building a successful business, and much more.

Not only does this podcast cover practical tips for freelancing, but it also addresses the mental health challenges that many freelancers face, making it a well-rounded resource.

Freelance to Founder

Freelance to Founder is another fantastic podcast that offers insights into the journey from being a freelancer to starting your own business. It’s a must-listen for any freelancer with entrepreneurial aspirations.

This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including how to scale your business, how to handle clients, and how to manage your time effectively.

The Lonely Freelancer

Freelancing can sometimes feel isolating, which is where The Lonely Freelancer comes in. This podcast addresses the emotional challenges of freelancing, including dealing with self-doubt and maintaining mental health.

Listening to this podcast, you’ll feel less alone in your freelancing journey and gain strategies for managing the emotional ups and downs.

The Side Hustle Show

If you’re juggling freelancing with a day job or other commitments, The Side Hustle Show is for you. This podcast provides practical advice for managing a side hustle, including time management tips and strategies for growing your business.

Plus, you’ll hear inspiring stories from people who’ve successfully balanced a side hustle with other commitments.

The Creative Introvert

For the introverted freelancers out there, The Creative Introvert is a fantastic resource. This podcast offers advice for navigating the freelancing world as an introvert, from networking tips to strategies for promoting your work.

Plus, it covers topics like dealing with overwhelm and building confidence, making it a great resource for personal development.

The Smart Passive Income

Looking to make your freelancing income more passive? The Smart Passive Income podcast is a must-listen. This podcast offers strategies for creating passive income streams, allowing you to earn more while working less.

Plus, it covers topics like online marketing and entrepreneurship, making it a great resource for freelancers looking to grow their business.

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative is a podcast that helps freelancers stay creative and productive. It covers topics like idea generation, creative process, and work-life balance.

Listening to this podcast, you’ll gain strategies for staying creative, even under pressure.

The Ready to Start Listening

And finally, The Ready to Start Listening podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to start their freelancing journey. It offers advice for getting started, finding clients, and building a successful freelancing career.

Whether you’re new to freelancing or looking to take your career to the next level, this podcast has something for you.


So there you have it – my list of the top podcasts for freelancers. Each of these podcasts offers a wealth of information and advice, making them the perfect resource for freelancers. Happy listening!

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