Is it time to expand your business? Here is how to build a team as a solo freelancer.

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As companies grapple with layoffs and high inflation, 10 million Americans have decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. From side hustles to full-time gigs, they’ve set out on a journey filled with rewarding opportunities…and no shortage of challenges! Maxim Mirho is an expert at navigating these seas by helping entrepreneurs build sustainable growth while expanding their teams in this uncertain environment.

Mirho’s business, Make with Max, has opted to go the cost-effective route -contract employees versus full time staff. He finds it can be just as efficient but won’t break the bank!

Krishna Pendyala, the visionary behind Visual Symphony and Mindful Nation Foundation, has made a strong case for why our current tech-driven climate is conducive to effective help. Thanks to freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork it’s easier than ever before for professionals with unique skillsets to make themselves available.

Not alone in the journey of entrepreneurship, Mirho Pendyala and David Finkel have illuminated a pathway for solopreneurs with their three essential steps to building an unstoppable team. Are you ready to forge ahead?

Know what is the right type of hire

Before you start your recruiting search, take a few moments to think through the exact role needed – what tasks will an employee do and how much time are they expected to devote? Doing this kind of prep work can save headaches down the line. According to Finkel from Maui Mastermind: “It’s hard (and even impossible) if you haven’t thought it all out in advance!” But that isn’t all; be clear about whether someone is needed for just helping with specific skills or who needs autonomy within their job responsibilities.

Be prepared to give up some control

Founders often feel the need to micromanage in an effort to preserve control. While this might give temporary peace of mind, Finkel argues it actually stunts growth and restricts progress. Instead, he suggests establishing a sense of authority within aspects or areas on business rather than trying for complete ownership – something Pandyala believes is key when looking at top-level hires like CEOs or partners. After all, relinquishing that reigns can be hard but with some fresh perspectives involved you’re sure to find success!

Set boundaries and build a good manager-employee relationship

If you want the process of managing a new hire to go as smoothly as possible, it pays off literally and figuratively to spend some time defining what type of person would be best for that role. Finkel recommends focusing on three to five non-negotiable qualities which can make all the difference when finding your perfect match.

Mirho presented a novel idea – Instead of relying on job boards or agencies, why not tap into your existing network and find the perfect contract worker? You never know who you might discover at local events, via emails to business owners in your area or even through online content. Who knows? The right hire may just be one click away.

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