How to Land More Freelance Gigs, From a Six-Figure Fiverr.

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With corporate layoffs expected this year, project managers are turning their gaze to freelancers as a flexible and affordable option. For those nervously waiting in the wings of 2023, they can rest assured freelance gigs will remain plentiful.

The recession might be looming, but that doesn’t mean freelancers need to feel the pinch! A few savvy changes can help them stay ahead of their competition and remain dynamic in challenging times.

1. Clients need to watch the pennies, so let’s meet in the middle; strike a balance between their pocketbook and your potential!

This year, corporations may be turning to freelancers more than ever. But with squeezed budgets across the board, those same savvy businesses will watch their pennies when it comes time to hire out-of-house help. For freelancers looking for a bigger piece of that pie – consider sweetening your services! By offering discounts or packages tailored toward budget conscious clients you can still get yourself in on the game – and make it worth everyone’s while!

2. Many companies will be just entering the freelancer world, so communication is key – making sure everyone’s on the same page.

This year, freelancers should prepare themselves for a wave of new clients who may be inexperienced when leveraging the gig economy. To ensure successful projects and smooth communication with these “newbies”, freshen up your questionnaires to guide them so there are no misunderstandings down the line. Ask questions such as requesting their URL, examples from competitors that inspire you or what they don’t like about competitor sites – all vital information to jumpstart an awesome project!

Before taking on any new project, it’s wise to make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet – freelancers should take time out for a quick chat with potential clients before beginning.

3. Step up your game with more freelance marketplaces than just Fiverr – it’s time to explore the possibilities of earning extra cash from different avenues.

Freelancers have no shortage of options when it comes to finding quality gigs, with Fiverr and Upwork leading the charge — but they’re not alone! LinkedIn is now a go-to spot for executives looking to outsource projects. Then there’s Revolancer, Legit, Contra… even TikTok can be tapped into by Generation Zers using their DM game to score one-off jobs from brands posting about freelancing opportunities. Talk about flexing your marketability skills in 2020!

The future is here — with the recession looming in, predicting that half of us will go freelance by 2027. To help out its freelancers and stay competitive, Fiverr should think about restructuring their flat fee to remain on top-of-mind; consider what Upwork does: dropping their fees from a hefty 20% all the way down to 10%. Meanwhile LinkedIn bets big with no fees whatsoever – genius! In an economy where every penny matters more than ever before, websites offering lower commissions have great potential for attracting both clients AND talent – so why not be one?

With the power of ‘The Lift’ and its auto-book feature, Fiverr has made a name for itself as everyone’s go-to online destination to get great deals on freelance services. But with potential economic uncertainty looming over us all, can it maintain this position? It might take more than just low fees to stay at number one in times like these!

Freelancers, you may not feel the effects of a recession as hard compared to most! Corporations are trying their best to work with these uncertain times and they’re turning towards freelancing more than ever. Show them what you got by being patient, offering deals – digital tools galore should help make that easier for everyone involved! With this in mind, it looks like there’s no stopping freelance success even during an economic downturn.

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