Five Strategies for Managing Time and Productivity in a Remote Work Setting

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In this blog post, we delve into five strategies provided by Nikola Sekulic for managing time and productivity in a remote work setting. These strategies are crucial for freelancers who have transitioned from running a solo operation to managing a remote team.


As a freelancer, transitioning from a solo operation to managing a remote team can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, Nikola Sekulic has got you covered with five strategies for managing time and productivity in a remote work setting.

Setting Quality Standards

Setting quality standards is the first step towards managing your remote team effectively. It’s about defining what good work looks like and setting the bar high for your team members. This not only ensures consistency in the work produced but also gives your team a clear direction.

For more information on setting quality standards, check out this link.

Monitoring and Providing Feedback

Monitoring your team’s work and providing constructive feedback is another crucial strategy. This helps you identify areas of improvement and guide your team towards better performance.

For more tips on providing feedback, visit this link.

Time Management for Yourself and Team Members

Time management is key to productivity. It’s about prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, and ensuring that both you and your team members are making the most of your time.

For more on time management, check out this link.

Managing HR Processes

Managing HR processes is another important strategy. This includes hiring the right people, managing payroll, and ensuring that your team members are happy and motivated.

For more on managing HR processes, visit this link.

Building a Micro Company Culture

Lastly, building a micro company culture is about creating a positive work environment where your team members feel valued and motivated. This not only boosts productivity but also fosters a sense of belonging among your team members.

For more on building a micro company culture, check out this link.


Managing a remote team as a freelancer can be challenging, but with these five strategies, you can ensure productivity and achieve the best results. So, start implementing these strategies today and take your freelancing career to the next level!

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