Canada’s Government Bans TikTok on Mobile Devices Over Security Risks

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Canada joins the list of western countries including the US, Australia, and India in banning TikTok on government devices over security concerns.

Canadian officials have declared that they will no longer allow TikTok to exist on government devices, joining a myriad of western officials who share growing concern over the security of the Chinese-owned social media application. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, recently revealed that the ban is a necessary measure, considering the potential threats posed by the app. Although several countries have already implemented a ban on the app, the Canadian government’s directive is a significant stride in light of the escalating skepticism and apprehensions regarding Chinese technology.

The Canadian decision comes shortly after the United States President Donald Trump ordered a ban on TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, citing concerns over data privacy and espionage. As per reports, the Chinese government has leverage over ByteDance, which only heightens the anxiety from western countries about the possibility of data breach and interference. Although TikTok declared that it stores data outside China and it has never yielded data to the country’s government, the Canadian government seeks to stay on the safe side by completely removing TikTok from its official devices.

The Global Response to TikTok’s Security Risks

In recent months, concerns over TikTok’s security risks have led western countries to take actions such as banning, restricting, or possibly forcing ByteDance to sell the app in the United States. The United States, Australia, India have already banned the app, while France, Japan, Indonesia, and several other countries are also contemplating measures to regulate or restrict the use of the platform.

Essentially, it is a struggle of dominance between western countries and China for control of technological advancements, and TikTok happens to be collateral damage caught in the middle of the rivalry. The Canadian government’s decision on the app is consistent with its long-standing policy of cybersecurity and protection against potential threats. However, it does spark a conversation on the importance of navigating technology safely, considering the growing use and integration of technology in people’s daily lives.

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